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Q1 2024


Phase 1 comes with our launch discount to rewards users joining us in the beginning of the new platform development.

Pro Unlimited accounts discounted by over 80%
We’re offering users to lock in subscription at $19/month forever.

Phase 1’s focus in on adding more highly demanded API integrations to the platform.

Q2 2024


As we add more features to the platform in Phase 2 our pricing will be increased from $19/month to $48/month for Pro Unlimited

The focus on Phase 2 is on adding additional in demand tools and features such as:

  • Universal Social Inbox and Listening Suite.
  • Cross Platform Streaming and Scheduling

Q3 2024


In Phase 3 we’ll be adding our final core features and finalizing our price for our Pro Unlimited package to $99/month

Some of the core features will be adding on Phase 3 will be our:

  • Universal Integrated Analytics
  • Universal Social Media Search Engine 

Q4 2024


We plan to still continue with development and add more features. We’re keeping Q4 open for more user feedback to develop highly demanded updates.

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