10 Must-Attend Social Media Events and Conferences in 2024

These are 10 Must-Attend Social Media Events and Conferences in 2020. Here at Heropost we simply love a good Social Media Conference. Social Media conferences allow us to network and to be surrounded by like-minded individuals that are in the same industry like ours. It allows us to see what new information or tech we can add to our company so that our clients are well taken care of in this competitive market. 

Below are some of the Social Media Events and Conferences that we may recommend.

1.Social Media Camp

Dates: May 5-8, 2020

Location: Victoria, Canada

Main Speakers: Jillian Harris

Website: Social Media Camp

Social Media Camp is Canada’s largest social media conference, bringing together industry innovators and influencers to spark conversation through a series of interactive sessions and inspiring speakers. This year the Keynote speaker is Jillian Harris she is the Founder and Creative Director of Jillian Harris Design. 

There are session streams at this conference Beginner, intermediate and advanced illustrating the broadness of this conference and anybody at any level will feel comfortable.

We recommend this conference and besides its being held in beautiful British Columbia so it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

2.The Social Shake-Up

Date: May 12 – 14, 2020

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Main Speakers: James Gregson, Leah Feygin, Amber Mac, Emmy Berlind, Brian Fanzo, Tim Degner, Brandi Boatner, Carmen Collins, Elianne Ramos, Kristin Thomas, Dwayna Haley, Danica Kombol, Kimberly Buffington, Amanda Coffee, Brandon Butler, Adriana Arvizo, King Williams, Miri Rodriguez, Ashley Sasnett, Kelly Stone, Elizabeth Sorrell, Sierra Barter, Ash-Marie Duvernois, Tina Starkey, Benjamin Rudolph.

Website: The Social Shake-Up

The Social Shake-Up features breakthrough thinking and real connections with other marketers across Corporate America and is one of the most well-known social media conferences. Each session is crafted so well that even the most skilled marketer will learn something new.

Marketers from Paypal, IBM, MICROSOFT, LEGO, TWITER, SEPHORA, NIKE and COMCAST will all be there.

3.Social Media Week London  #SMWLDN

Date: October 21 – 22, 2020

Location: London, UK

Main Speakers: Lindsey Turner, Steven Bartlett, Aoife McGuinness, Matthew Breen, Christopher Cox, Claire Hodgson, James Lamon, Sarah Keenaghan. 

Website: Social Media Week London

This is an annual conference that gathers Social Media experts from across Europe. In-depth discussions on the latest Social Media Marketing Trends will be divulged at this conference. If you are in Europe this is an amazing event to attend.

4.Social Media Strategies

Date: February 4-6, 2020

Location: San Francisco, CA

Main Speakers: Miri Rodriguez, Amanda Chavira, Marissa Kargas, Janet Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Peña

Website: Social Media Strategies

At this conference, you will be exposed to critical topics including social strategy development, content marketing, video, employee advocacy, influencer marketing, paid media, ROI, and social media tips.


Date: February 04, 2020

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Main Speakers: Rik van der Kooi – Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Advertising

Brad Geddes – Co-Founder, AdAlysis, Martin Rottgerding – Head of SEA, Bloofusion Germany

Bastian Grimm – CEO and Co-Founder, Peak Ace AG, Sander Janssen – Head of Digital, Freo


This a European Conference that we as Heropost like because it informs us of how the Social Media landscape of Europe works. This conference importantly teaches marketing professionals who need help with their search engine marketing and want to be aware of how other companies use their search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

6.Traffic And Conversion Summit

Date: March 31 – April 02, 2020

Location: San Diego CA

Main Speakers: Ezra Firestone – Co-Founder and CEO, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph

Mari Smith – CEO, Mari Smith International, Inc. Mark Roberge – Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School Richard Lindner – President, DigitalMarketer, Roland Frasier – CEO, War Room Mastermind (there are 80 speakers theses are just some of the few we know of) 

Website: Traffic And Conversion Summit

For the last 10 years, thousands of the world’s smartest marketers have descended upon San Diego, California to learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s working right now in digital marketing. If you’re a marketing professional, agency owner, consultant, or startup founder, The Traffic and Conversion Summit is your event. 

7.Web Summit 

Date: November 2-5, 2020

Location: Lisbon Portugal

Main Speakers: Speakers not announced yet

Website: Web Summit 

This is Europes biggest Tech conference. European powerhouses always descend here. The Wall Street Journal state that this is where the giants of the web assemble.

8.Influencer Marketing Strategies Summit

Date: April 28, 2020: Pre-Summit Workshops

          April 29–30, 2020: General Summit

Location: Chicago, IL

Main Speakers: Jim TobinFounder & President Carusele, Bette Ann Schlossberg Director of Influencer Marketing Lyft, Lorren Thomas Social Business Specialist (Influencer Marketing)

Southwest Airlines, Katie Bihl Sr. Manager of Influencer Marketing & PR Orgain, Amber Naslund

Senior Content Consultant LinkedIn (these are just the general speakers) 

Website: Influencer Marketing Strategies Summit

We at Heropost attended this conference in the past because we work with a lot of influencers and we wanted to get as much information on how we could incorporate them in our business model and also help them with their businesses. The Influencer Marketing Strategies Summit is the only event specifically dedicated to helping marketers launch, scale, and measure their influencer programs. 


Date: June 3 – 5, 2020 2020

Location: Calgary, Alberta. Canada

Main Speakers: Susan Charles Brand Strategy Lead Google, Jeff Lancaster

Agency Lead, North America LInkedIn, Linda Hoang Owner, Social Media Strategist, Jennifer Couldery Executive Director Upside Foundation, Beverley Theresa Social Media Strategist and Consultant, Amber Craig VP Marketing Four20. 

Website: SocialWest

SocialWest is Western Canada’s largest digital marketing conference. Now in its fifth year, SocialWest hosts 850 digital marketers, social media managers and communications professionals in Calgary, Alberta every year. We as Heropost attended this before and it was amazing and refreshing. 

10.Social Media Day: Halifax

Date: June 12, 8am-4:30pm 2020

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada

Main Speakers: Speakers not yet announced

Website: Social Media Day: Halifax

The event focuses on teaching social media marketers tangible skills that they can bring to the workplace, like how to better optimize Facebook Ads, legal tips, and informational sessions on how to build better marketing funnels. This Media Day is extremely important if you are starting or are an expert because the presenters make the information simple and easy to understand.

We hope you enjoyed the 10 Must-Attend Social Media Events and Conferences in 2020. A lot of insight can be gained just by attending social media conferences. The above conferences are just some of the ones we at Heropost like to attend or would like to attend soon. Going to these conferences has led to clients, friendships, we even met a front end developer that helped us and also an influencer who gave us tips on how to effectively engage with potential clients. 

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