A How-to Guide for Scheduling Instagram Posts

Instagram is loaded with content, uploaded by millions of people on daily basis. The content is fresh and authentic which attracts more people to use this app daily. You can have information on almost every kind of topic whether it’s for business or just a simple memes page. Sometimes providing content frequently and on daily basis can get hectic for users, which can lead to stress, anxiety, and a messy account. To avoid such situations, we can schedule our Instagram posts, like you would with a daily planner. You can use different apps that can provide you aid in doing this task. For example, Heropost, Buffer, and Sprout Social.

So, why should we scheduling Instagram posts?

People often find it weird to form a schedule for posting Instagram posts, but it can help you a lot to have a better social media performance. If you are an influencer or you are running a brand on Instagram, it is very important to be consistent on your daily posts so that your audience can engage with you more and don’t lose track of you. However, when we do this continuously it can get very tiring, which leads to poor content resulting in bad analytics. This can have major negative effects on your profile. So, to avoid that it’s best to schedule the posts before to enjoy good quality Instagram time.

Guide for Scheduling Your Instagram Posts:

Following are the set of instructions you can follow to plan a schedule for your Instagram posts:

  • First, purchase any of the apps mentioned above. Here, for example, we take Heropost. Purchase this app
  • Then connect the Heropost app with your Instagram account.
  • Now the next step is the choice of content. You can select the content from your computer or also from Facebook or any other social website.
  • Select the photo or video you want to schedule, then you can also edit the post by using the creator studio apps, it layout a couple of options for you to customize your post

  • Then you add captions to your post it can be either a long paragraph or a simple line, it’s your choice. You can also add a location if you want to.
  • Now you can set your preferred date of the post and select the option of “schedule”
  • The scheduling is done.

Now your work is done, and the app will post the post on your Instagram account on the date and time you submitted it. In this way, you will have a proper schedule for all your future Instagram posts.

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