What to Post on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn in 2024

Choosing what to post on the BIG 5 of social media may be a daunting task in itself. Some just use a one size fits all approach however this scatter-gun approach is not extremely effective as all these apps have algorithms that are different and they also approach your needs differently. 

The successful user will understand that what works on Facebook, might not work on Twitter. What works on Twitter, might not work on Instagram. Each app has its own bread and butter function in a way and exploiting this will make you stand out in the competitive market. 

Remember each app has its own audience and that audience has preferences about how they want to digest their content.

In a nutshell, the general guidelines are as follows:

  1. Facebook: News, Videos, Curated content and Quotes
  2. Twitter: Quick tips, News, GIFs and blog posts
  3. Instagram: Aesthetic content — beautifully shot images, user-generated content, Instagram Stories and quotes.
  4. LinkedIn: Jobs News, Industry Updates and professional content
  5. Pinterest: Infographics, How To’s and visually appealing content, 

What to post on Facebook 


Facebook posts are the best way you have to connect and reconnect with your fans via the News Feed. The news feed keeps your users engaged and up to date with the current events of your page.

Videos and live videos

It seems that people react to videos better. Videos are great especially live videos. Social media managers have expressly averred that live videos are watched longer than non-live videos and additionally they generate more comments than that of regular videos on your newsfeed. Importantly Facebook also notifies a page’s followers when the page is live driving more traffic to your page. In a nutshell, video marketing drives brand awareness, attracts leads, makes sales and drives people to your site. Be sure to make use of the live streaming feature in Heropost to post and schedule your live video content.

Blog posts and curated content

Your audience wants more content, and they want it right now! Sharing blog posts, using curated content from third-party pages and sites that have a strong following are great ways to improve engagement. Your audience want relevant content daily and Facebook is great for this.

What to post on Instagram

Beautifully high resolution shot images

This is Instagram’s bread and butter and reason for its inception. Visually appealing content and consistency of that content makes Instagram hard to ignore because users are constantly online to view these photos. 


Look stories are simply amazing. Instagram’s algorithm favors stories and brings more users to your account. Stories bring in the human element to your personal brand/business and gives your followers a chance to know you better. Stories are addictive hence Instagram has that feature to tell you how many hours you’ve spent on the app. Since this stories feature was added Snapchats relevance took a nosedive this tells you that stories are king.


I bet since you’ve been on today on Instagram you’ve seen at least 5 quotes. Motivational and inspirational quotes are one of the most popular content pieces on Instagram

What to post on Twitter


Forbes stated that the most common reason why people use Twitter is to keep up with news and to find out about breaking news in general. What this means is that you must share the news that is relevant to your followers and it can be industry news, company news and product news.

At Heropost we would post about social media changes. Posting about the founders of Twitter, Instagram etc and recently the new app called TIK TOK which has younger audiences engaged. People love being the first ones to know things and if you can give them that, they will keep coming back for more.

Blog posts and curated content

sharing long-format content that is authored by you or someone else is great and must be interesting and eye-catchy. People tweet many times a day, it’s more suitable to share several blog posts or pieces of curated content per day on Twitter than let us say Facebook.

It’s important to note that we at Heropost schedule tweets about our new blog posts, we add one of the following multimedia attachments to keep the tweet interesting to our followers:

  • Link (with the link preview)
  • Photo or infographic
  • Video

GIF ( we highly recommend you use gifs in your feed, they’re relatable, fun and everyone loves a good GIF.) TWITTER IS THE KING OF GIFS


What to post on LinkedIn

Job News and Company Updates

LinkedIn being a professional networking platform, the most suitable content for LinkedIn is job listings and career information. People interested in knowing more about your business will always turn towards LinkedIn.

Images or posts of your office space and employees coupled with your vision statement are important because when someone visits your page they exactly know what you do and what you stand for.

Industry News and company news 

Just like twitter people love new content about the industry they are in and linking this with your company news is a great way to attract people to your site. You can curate to build your influence and strengthen your reputation.


What to post on Pinterest


Pinterest loves Infographics. According to Pinterest, the best aspect ratio for Pinterest images is 2:3, with a minimum width of 600 pixels, such as 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall or 800 pixels wide by 1,200 pixels tall. Importantly an infographic you pin now is not only discoverable today, but also much later if optimized and tagged correctly. 

Infographics seem to bring a lot more traffic than any type of post on Pinterest, therefore, it’s wise to implement a number of these in your marketing strategy.



Remember these are general guidelines, the types of content that would do well for you on each of the social media platforms might differ. 

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