10 Facebook Ad Mistakes You Should Avoid

These are the 10 Facebook ad mistakes you should avoid to get more bang for your buck.

How many users does Facebook have? The answer is 2.5 billion monthly active users as of the fourth quarter of 2019. The beauty of Facebook is that its sophisticated algorithm is key for businesses. It gives businesses both big and small a chance to get their ads in front of the right eyeballs. However, those eyeballs may not be so engaging or maybe your marketing approach is skewed. 

These are the 10 Facebook Ad Mistakes You Should Avoid

1.Targeting a big audience

Look, you will waste your budget and end up resenting Facebook. Use Facebooks multiple targeting options to narrow down your audience and tailor your ad content accordingly. Don’t just close your eyes and hope to hit, you’re in the world series of Marketing now. The best way to create an excellent targeting strategy is to understand your overall target audience and specific buyer personas.

2. Lack of clear Objectives

You need to be aware of goals. You need an ad strategy that is clear and up to date. You can’t just wing it unless you have a vast war chest of money. Gary Vaynerchuk in his Podcasts states that you need to do Facebook Ads but they must have certain objectives: It can either be increasing traffic to your website or just educating and informing people of your product. What exactly is your end game? We at Heropost always ask, What do you want the Facebook user to do?

3.Using the Wrong Facebook Ad Type

Take advantage of Facebooks different ad formats. However, to do this you need to know who your audience is and what will work for them. You can do Photos Videos, Slideshows, Carousel, collections and playables.

You can place ads on Desktop, Mobile or Right-hand sidebars. Desktop ads have one of the highest conversion rates but, be warned they are pricier. Research by David Ogilvy concluded images are viewed and absorbed first before any text is read. So choose the right option.

4. Forgetting your Lookalike Audience targeting

Facebook once again helps you with this feature. Simply put Neil Patel avers that Lookalike Audiences are people who are likely to be interested in your business or product because they display similar interests or characteristics to your existing customers. Don’t forget this point you’ll be surprised at how well your ads will do.

5. Bad Headline 

Point 5 of our 10 Facebook ad mistakes you should avoid, relates to bad headlines. Marketing Pro Jeff Bullas notes that very concise headlines, those that are 40 characters in length or shorter receive nearly 86% more engagement. Your headline has to explain how your audience will benefit from your product or service and lead them to click through and learn more about your offer. We at Heropost have a free trial which doesn’t hurt the customer because they simply use the product and make an evaluation.

It’s important to highlight the benefits and features, creating an emotional connection by speaking directly to your audience’s concerns, and highlighting desired outcomes of those concerns. At Heropost, our Product aims to help you with your time management on all social media platforms by our scheduling tools. 

As Gary Vaynerchuck would say When it comes to headlines, don’t forget that shorter is better.

6. Having No Clear Value Proposition

Marketing 101 states that your value proposition is one of the most important aspects. It needs to hook people to click through and learn about your service or product.  If your offer cannot be read or understood in three to five seconds or its confusing, you can wave goodbye to customers. Your content must be clear, easy to understand, easy to follow and clean.

7. Not documenting your results

I can’t stress this one enough. It’s important to track what is happening with your ads. Focus on the right metrics and be patient. Record them in such a way that you can create a timeline in a way. 

8. Using Ads for Sales Funnel Only

Jordan Belfort states that when it comes to marketing you must use your Ads to tell a story that your viewers can connect to. Make a connection. Do not just use your ad to shove the product in peoples faces, You have to get creative and make them understand why they need the product. Build trust through testimonials or guiding them to your free trial of some sort. 

Social Media managers state that brands that win create an experience through their Facebook ads using storytelling, relatable creative, as well as an intention that meets the audience where they are at. Out of the 10 Facebook ad mistakes you should avoid, we really love this point.

9.Testing Too Many Things at Once

Learn to isolate one variable to test. If you fail to isolate your ad variables, you’ll find it difficult to know which factor inspired a more positive reaction than usual. The scattergun approach doesn’t work all the time and quite frankly it’s lazy and amateurish. 

10. Running Facebook Ads With Zero Follow-up Management

Do not at all costs set up a campaign and let it run on its own, and it will decrease ineffectiveness. Charlie Lawrance founder and CEO of Gecko Squared  states that “Always look at your Return on Ad Spend and the cost, relevance, frequency, and CPM metrics and then make adjustments to ad creative and copy, as well as objective and targeting.”

Remember Ad Fatigue is a real thing. Ad fatigue occurs when your campaign frequency gets too high causing your target audiences to see the same ads again and again and therefore become less responsive to them. Please always be present and be aware of what is happening.

The above are the 10 Facebook ad mistakes you should avoid. We hope we helped a little in your Facebook Ad knowledge and we wish you a successful campaign.

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