Factors that may influence your Facebook Ad review process

After submitting your ad there is that daunting waiting period much similar to test results that will define your life but this time the results can come out at any time when you least expect them without warning. The are the Factors that may influence your Facebook Ad review process.

Approval Time

Facebook’s ad review time can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 days. The ad you have created ends up in a review queue where Facebook will either approve or reject it.

Some Social Media Managers believe that these are some of the factors that may influence your approval time:

  • Facebook Ad Account History: Can Facebook Trust you with its users?  Every Facebook account probably has a trust score. The longer you’ve been advertising on Facebook the easier it is to get approved provided that you have never been rejected or done something untoward,
  • Domain Factor: AdEspresso states that What are your ads linking to? If a domain has been advertised hundreds of times before, with no problems, the review period could be shorter. A new domain, never advertised before, could require more review.
  • Keyword Factor: References to religion, ethnicity, profanities, and general untoward keyword will have you rejected. 
  • Image Factor: Facebook has a scary algorithm which can check and recognise images that may harm its users.
  • Targeting: In some areas, you have to be careful about choosing your target audience. For instance, if you advertise alcohol or a betting agency, you have to, of course, limit your targeting to people above 18 + (or according to the country’s law).

Social Media Expert Neil Patel states that “If you keep getting your Facebook ads disapproved despite following all the rules, try duplicating your ad” The small businesses we represent have done this and it worked. 

AdEspresso avers that “these factors may be hearsay but remember Facebook is always shrouded with mystery and also the process is governed by algorithmic and manual analysis as well.”

The most common reasons for Facebook ads being rejected:

Below are some guidelines you need to follow for approval and please click the links as they take you straight to Facebooks Guidelines

  1. The advertising has something prohibited ( FACEBOOK GUIDELINES)
  2. You’re advertising something restricted   ( FACEBOOK GUIDELINES)
  3. Not following community standards( FACEBOOK GUIDELINES)
  4. There is a mistake with your ad creative( FACEBOOK GUIDELINES)
  5. You’ve made a mistake with your landing page( FACEBOOK GUIDELINES)

We hope you liked the above quick bite of factors that may influence your Facebook Ad review process. We hope you are successful in your Facebook Marketing Campaigns.



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