21 Twitter Post Ideas To Try Today For Your Business

Twitter is a seriously fast-moving platform. It’s faster than Husain Bolt, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Phelps combined. Twitter is truly a unique platform. Increased Twitter engagement is extremely key. It can lead to amazing traffic results, more contracts and an instant boost in sales. We researched the different content types that work well on Twitter and have utilised some methods in this list. These are the 21 Twitter Post Ideas To Try Today For Your Business.

21 Twitter Post Ideas To Try Today For Your Business


1. Blog Content

Number one on this list is Blog Content but more specifically your Blog Content if you have a site with a blog.

Blog content is important because what it essentially does is showcase your brand and the ideas you stand for. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your site if it is quality. We love posting our content because it gives us an opportunity to feel out if the audience is engaging with the content.

Secondly, you can also tweet or share other peoples blog content. The content has to relate with your audience. It has to be linked or connected with your industry.

For example below, Social Media Today are industry leaders in Social Media News. Therefore it would make sense to share such information with our audience.


Tips are great especially for us as a business. The Tip above by Social Fresh is amazing because not a lot of people know how to find an ad that they may want to revisit on Instagram. Tips like these also help our audience as we are a social media startup. So find some tips related to your industry.

3. Polls

Polls are a great way to get feedback from your audience. Twitter has built-in polling capabilities. This makes the whole process easier coupled with their analytics. When your audience weighs in, it may aid you in making your brand better. Twitter polls will help you to get into your audience’s heads.

These polls are so great and hassle-free because:

  • No directing to another page.
  • No filling out forms.
  • Takes only a second.
  • Users see results instantly.
  • Importantly users can retweet your poll to others, therefore, creating more buzz and having more engagement.

To set up a poll just follow the process below.

21 Twitter Post Ideas To Try Today For Your Business

4. Motivational quotes

Motivation quotes, especially on a Monday, are always appreciated. People like quotes that they can relate to. We would say one motivational quote a day, preferably in the morning before work. If you spam your twitter feed with quotes you may slowly notice people unfollowing you because people signed up for business content not Einstein quotes. There is nothing worse than quote spamming, its lazy. So choose them wisely.

5. Participate in Hashtag Events

You will notice #ThrowBackThursday, #MondayMotivation or #sundaythoughts, each day has specific hashtags you can search for. Participating in these hashtags is a great way to vary your content.

6. Social media holidays

Observing certain days in the calendar keeps you relevant and in the know. Your followers usually appreciate that. We tweeted about the female founders of startups on International Women’s Day as this is an important day to acknowledge. We gave some insight into the great female-led companies out there. So always check at the internationally observed holidays coupled with your national holidays that you can build some content around on.

7. Post about How-Tos that solve a problem of your followers.

We posted the handwashing technique for Covid. You can also post videos or images illustrating how your product works or what you can expect.

8. Post helpful infographics.

Infographics are great because they:

  • They are easy to read and view
  • Increase traffic as they have a clickable link to it(similar to that of a Rich Pin in Pinterest)
  • Very easy to reshare and go viral

We would recommend having Infographics with your Logo displayed in it to increase brand awareness. Either way, you look at it infographics are a great way to vary your twitter content.

9. GIFs and memes

Twitter users incorporate GIFs a lot in their content. However, if you can tie a gif to current events it’s even better. But a gif that’s relatable to a lot of people always works well.

10. Industry News

As we are a social media company specialising in scheduling content, we would share the above blog content from Social Media Today. Simply because firstly, it relates to our industry, secondly, our audience would find it useful and thirdly, it helps us create a sense of expertise or in the know of movements in the industry.

11. Brand Announcements


Brand announcements are a great way to capture the attention of current and new followers. If you have exciting news, new features or new collaborations you want to alert then this is absolutely great content. You can pin the announcement so that it shows at the top of your feed as its prime real estate for your twitter page.

12. Advertise Your Products


Tweeting pictures of your products is a great and cost effective way to let people know about your brand. We ended up ordering this as soon as we saw it on Twitter. The number of times people buy a product that they have seen on social media is extremely high. In fact, most decisions to purchase are largely driven by social media advertisements.

13.Tweet with Other Companies

This is such a great combo. Not only is it entertaining but it will increase tweet engagement. Your brand will benefit from the crossover of followers you both have.

14. Promo codes or flash sales


Promos are great to drive up sales. Engagement usually rises when you give out promos. I would state that to make it more personal, the promo must only be available to your followers.

15. Company Achievements

Company announcements are also great ways to vary your content. It can be anything from views on a website to moving to a new office. Anything positive that’s happening to your business you would want to share is always a great move.

16. Send a tweet about upcoming events you’re going to attend.

This is a great way to meet new people and network. Content like this, in a way also alerts possible followers in the area to come through and check out the faces behind the brand. As a small business ourselves we have used this tactic to actually meet new people and hear new ideas that we could be doing.

17.Respond to Complaints

Marketing Land states “72% Of Consumers Expect Brands To Respond Within An Hour To Complaints Posted On Twitter.” This point is more of a Twitter brand guideline than post content however nonetheless we feel that to achieve good brand reputation you need to consistently check your twitter for any customer issue. Always be mindful that the more social media platforms your business has the more ways your customers can reach out to you.

18. Announce Job Openings


Twitter is also a great way to advertise Job openings because usually, your followers may know someone perfect for the job or they themselves could be pivoting career-wise. The added advantage is the viral nature twitter posts have, it will reach a lot of people fast.

19. Ask for Reviews

Reviews also work as content on Twitter. You can ask your customers to review. The most effective way to do this this is by providing a link to where the customer can leave a review. Channelling the customer to where they may do the review is key because no one really has time to google where you can leave a review. Just add the link for simplicity.

20. Follow and Interact with Industry Experts

Tweeting and Interacting with people that are experts in your field is key. Most importantly following them helps you because you pick up gems of information from them and you can engage them for clarity. What this also does is it helps your brand establish a sense of expertise in a way but most importantly willingness to learn and observe, after all this is social media. Following and engaging with experts, we believe yields one major factor and that is Asking For Help. Its easier to ask for help or clarity if you have been following someone for a long time and are always engaging with them. Twitter is a community so take advantage of that.

21. Behind The Scenes


Going behind the scenes adds that human touch and element. People will trust you more. Sharing your daily routines, a picture of a day in the office or some sort of background image depicting your business is a great touch.

The Take Away

Twitter is an amazing platform for your business. Its a fast-moving platform, therefore, you need to be on top of it. Do not forget to use emojis and hashtags in your tweets. We hope we helped a little in showcasing the 21 Twitter Post Ideas To Try Today For Your Business.

Check Out these stats from Omnicore that can help your content ideas.


Thank You for reading the 21 Twitter Post Ideas To Try Today For Your Business. We hoped it helped a little.

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