21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.

These are the 21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out today. Let’s face it if you’re in social media you have to constantly stay on the ball. You need to know the new developments and how to maximise the advantages associated with social media. At Heropost we are heavily involved with Social Media. That being said it’s critical for us to keep up with this fast-moving industry so that we can give you a great product. How do we do this? We simply follow the experts in this field and read their blogs.

What we love about these social media blogs is that it helps us in our research and development of our app. How you might ask? Experts in these blogs always leave an opinion or guide as to how the social media platform could be better or the shortcoming of the feature. For example, Most experts state that reels is poorly executed. What we then do is find ways around this. Most reels are just Tik Tok exports. That is why at Heropost we are developing scheduling for Tik Tok and you can also upload that on your Instagram page. With that being said, These are the 21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out today.

The 21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs

1. Social Media Today

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.Our daily bread here at Heropost. This blog is quick and simple to read. Usually, there is always an infographic below which is always great as we respond better to visual information. Social Media Today has great tips and their Twitter account is a must follow. I like to think of it as a one-stop for all as it has all the latest news, insight and popular trends on social. I recommend setting up a Twitter account if you do not have one and following them because they have timely updates pertaining to Social Media.

2. Search engine journal

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.

Search Engine Journal is another daily read. It is very well written. If you’re looking for depth then Search Engine Journal is for you. It provides the freshest news and latest best practices via the industry’s smartest practitioners. You can never go wrong with it. I like it because it has SEO articles as well which work hand in hand with social media. They cover all the social media platforms and they cover all the marketing angles which you need to know about.

3. Social Media Examiner

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.


Described as the worlds largest social media marketing resource and I couldn’t agree more. It is perfectly laid out and well researched. With a plethora of great industry-related authors, its definitely a must check out. The network of experts that Social Media Examiner has built over the years has left it being one of the best blogs out there. Its a community on there and this is why it is appealing. I usually get answered by an expert when something doesn’t make sense on social media. I recommend signing up to their newsletter. Trust me it’s very beneficial if you’re starting out.

4. Socially Sorted

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.


This is an award-winning blog. Donna Moritz heads this blog. She is an Australian content strategist. She helps non-designers create pro-quality visual content (fast and easy) for more engagement, traffic and sales. The Blog is laid out wonderfully for an easy read and this is why I adore it. Its a blog with a human feel and element. You will definitely be in good hands here.

5. SocialMedia.Biz

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.

Social Media Biz offers insights and guides. I really like their how-to guides. How to guides enable you to follow certain procedures that you have heard of but do not know how to execute. Social Media Biz is a great source of Social Media information because it has information that you wouldn’t think of at first. However, after a quick dive in their blogs, you will know why.

6.  Neal Schaffer

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.

Social media speaker Neal Schaffer’s site has resourceful content on social media strategy. Neal has extensive knowledge on social media. His Twitter Account is also great because it has so much information that one can easily follow and understand. The key is understanding the content you’re digesting on social media and this blog does just that. Neal Schaffer is a recognized leader in helping businesses both small and large. Importantly he also has a book called The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand which has been well received and is a great read. This is a must check out blog.

7. Jon Loomer

If your thing is Facebook then Jon is the man for you. Jon Loomer is a blogger and podcaster whose website offers both articles and video tutorials on all things Facebook marketing. Jon Loomer’s site has tons of training, tutorials and resources to help you. If you’re looking to boost your Facebook marketing then please check this site out today.

8. Search Engine Land

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.

Search Engine Land and its sister publications, MarTech Today and Marketing Land cover all aspects of digital marketing, advertising technology and the martech landscape. The beauty of Search Engine Land is that it provides expert advice on search marketing. This is important in our industry.

9. Convince & Convert

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.

Convince & Convert was founded by Jay Baer in 2008. The blog has a lot of resources ranging from podcasts to content strategy. As the title states, it shows you how to convert potential customers. The blog is easy to read and the categories are simple to follow. I recommend this blog because of its straight to the point attitude. Check it out and you’ll find out why.

10. Peg Fitzpatrick


Peg Fitzpatrick is a popular social media speaker, trainer and, social media author. She has published the “The Art of Social Media Power Tips For Users”.  I like her Pinterest guide especially. She also has insightful knowledge of Instagram and especially blogs.  If you’re starting a blog its worth the checkout. She has a great section on it which is very easy to follow.

11. RazorSocial

Launched in 2006 RazorSocial will provide you with different perspectives of social media marketing. If you want to learn about certain marketing tools then this blog is for you. I mainly peruse it for marketing tools because it has inights into what we may develop or just need to be aware of.

12. Mike Gingerich 

Mike is great understanding online marketing whilst using social media platforms. Its a simple to read blog and it doesn’t contain long pieces which I find quite useful. I was recommended to it by an online marketing client.

13. Mari Smith 

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.

Most industry experts, especially those on Facebook refer to her insights. She is well known and her blog is even better. This is another daily bread blog I use. She works with a lot of businesses and her insights are then shared on this blog. I have learnt so much from how to effectively use Facebook for marketing and what I should avoid. She’s been hailed as the ‘The Queen of Facebook!’ and this is spot on because her blog actually sets out what you need to become a top Facebook Marketer. I personally like how it is set out.  Please check it out!

14. Wordstream

Out of the 21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out, I personally believe you should check out Wordstream immediately. It covers everything social media related. If you are planning to do ads on Facebook and Instagram please check this blog out. From the right sizes of images to keyword targeting, Wordstream is an essential read.

15. Neil Patel

SEO and Social Media rolled into one. Neil is extremely clued up on online marketing and what it means for your social media platforms as a business. While his blog is heavily SEO orientated you will still find amazing insights on social media platforms.

16. MOZ

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.

Absolutely love perusing this blog because it gives social media advice from the unique perspective of SEO. You need to understand that SEO and Social Media go hand in hand if you want to drive traffic to your site. MOZ helps you understand the technical aspects of SEO. I honestly understood what SEO meant through MOZ. It is a must-read blog for those who want to know more about SEO and its impacts.

17. The Social Media Hat

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.

Social Media Hat is first and foremost a resource for small businesses. The social media hat is very easy to follow which is a plus. I personally love how it is set up. The categories are simple to follow from articles, tools and resources. If you’re looking at a solely social media binge then look no further.

18. Small Business Trends


Great for advice on entrepreneurial exploits and social media. Just go to their marketing tab and then go to social media to unlock great content. its geared to that small business within the social media platform. I like how it categories the popular content pieces per social media platform coupled with the expert social media advice.

19. Top Rank Blog


If you like reading social media marketing information in easily digestible lists and posts then this is your blog.  It covers a lot of social media advice for B2B businesses. I would state that it has a great mix of content which may prove valuable to your online exploits.

20. MobileMonkey

21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.


Chatbots and social media in one. MobileMonkey helps you understand what chatbots and social media can do for your sales. The blog is great because you can learn a lot about chatbots and how they work with social media. It has how-to guides coupled with other important social media insights which are key. I recommend you check MobileMokey out so that you can learn about chatbots and social media.

21. Socially Stacked

The socially Sorted blog is another great blog where you can learn more on social media content. The blog has tips, advice, and tutorials on using more visual content in your social media marketing. It’s another blog that you can check out.

The Take-Away

These are the 21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out. Nb Remember, these are just some of the blogs I read and I am aware that there are loads more out there that are good. It’s important to keep up to date in social media and these blogs help you do that. Social Media is always changing, what worked 4 months ago may not work today therefore reading blogs from experts will keep you in the know. As a small startup, these blogs have helped shape our app. Reading these blogs means that we can provide some help to our clients to an extent. We hope that we were somewhat helpful and that you found some insights in these 21 useful Social Media Marketing Blogs to Check Out.



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