Simple Instagram Stories Poll Ideas You’ll Want to Use.

This article will focus on Simple Instagram Stories Poll Ideas You’ll Want to Use.  The simple fact is that we all are looking for ways to grow our Instagram accounts. One of the easiest ways you can do this is by using Instagram Stories but more specifically Instagram Stories Polls. Instagram Stories polls are simple to implement. They easily grab your audience’s attention coupled with the fact that they are a great feature to use.

Steps to add a poll on Instagram Stories


Before we begin its important to illustrate how to set up a stories poll today.

  1. Open Instagram stories on your iPhone or Android’s
  2. Swipe left from your home feed to open the Stories screen.
  3. Upload the photo or video for your background
  4. Tap on the sticky note icon or rather the sticker icon also known as the smiley face
  5.  You will notice a menu pop up. Look for the Poll icon and tap it to create your poll
  6. You will notice the “Ask a question” field. Here just type the Question you may want.
  7. Decide and set the two options you want your followers to be able to choose from.  Basically, all you’re doing is just customising and letting your followers tap “Yes” or  “No”. 
  8. An important step that you may forget is to Tap and hold the Poll sticker to position it on your Story.
  9. Tap Done in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  10. Share your Instagram Stories post


Instagram Stories Poll Reminders

  1. Instagram users have 24 hours to respond to your poll.
  2. You can also check your poll insights to see how people are responding to it.
  3. NB NB Instagram poll answers are not anonymous. You as the creator of the Poll can see who voted for who?
  4. The great thing as the Poll Creator is that your vote stays anonymous though.
  5. We love including emojis. Why? Emojis are attention-grabbing and they actually increase engagement. 
  6. Position your poll in such a way where people can easily answer. You want to limit difficulty always.
  7. Make sure it’s clear what you’re asking. People hate ambiguous questions. It’s a social media platform so keep it that way.
  8. Always share the results with your followers after the poll has expired. Why? It shows that you care and are listening. We actually got a good scheduling feature tip from this.
  9. You can always put your poll in the stories highlight feature. This is a useful tip to have because each day as your Instagram grows you are attracting new followers and they would also love to see the poll and its results.
  10. Lastly, you can’t unvote or change your vote. Otherwise, what’s the point of Instagram Stories Polls.


Instagram Stories Poll Ideas

You’ll Want to Use.


1. Generate product reviews


Simple Instagram Stories Poll Ideas You’ll Want to Use

This is a great way to gauge how your followers view your product. This will help you in your decision making. Try asking your followers which product they prefer over another to further your research. The beauty of this type of stories poll is that you can drive sales with Instagrams support small business tag as seen in the image above.

2. Play Trivia with your followers.


Since we are on Social Media the main object is to make it fun and exciting. Playing trivia is a simple way to keep your followers engaged. However, make it easy to medium. Hard questions may lead your followers to just scroll through and not participate.

3. Take advantage of the Emoji Slider Poll to Give Your Followers More Choices


If you’re a small business this is key. Plus it’s super engaging and easy. It’s unique and personalized. Take for example this Starbucks slider, it highlights the different moods they expect this Reward will give their customers or followers and importantly you as a follower now know about Starbucks Rewards which is smart of them.

4. Drive Traffic Back to Your Website


Simple Instagram Stories Poll Ideas You’ll Want to Use

First and foremost, In order to get the Instagram swipe up or see more feature, your account:

  • Must be an Instagram Business Profile
  • Must have over 10,000 followers


  • Must be a verified account

Out of all the Simple Instagram Stories Poll Ideas, You’ll Want to Use when you couple them with the swipe up, Its pure genius. We are still are a young account so we have not reached those heights yet. Polls can help you direct audiences to your website for more traffic thus higher ranking on Google. 😎 The Starbucks Poll above does this well. I surely would want to check out more of that Reward structure.

Use our Free Biolinks tool to drive traffic from Instagram to your website, store or interests smoother and faster.

5. Keep Up With The Trends



Keeping up with trends never hurt anybody. In a way, you’re acting like a calendar. If you’re a small business you can showcase what your business is doing around that trend.

For example, Halloween is around the corner and this may generate interest in your neighbourhood or customers that live around your area. Trends are fun to participate in and when you implement them in your stories poll, its always a smart way to remain present.

6. Polls with This or That? Questions.


Simple Instagram Stories Poll Ideas You’ll Want to Use

The best way to utilise this type of poll is by focusing on your market or niche.

For example at Heropost, since we are in the marketing or social media/software we would ask.

  • Ahrefs or Semrush
  • Instagram or Facebook

A Food blogger would ask

  • McDonald’s or Burger King
  • Sushi in Seattle or Sushi in Vancouver

The main aim is to be niche focused in a way. By doing this it can also potentially help you understand your followers a little better and even give rise to more content development through those pollings.

7. Social Media Care


Simple Instagram Stories Poll Ideas You’ll Want to Use


Out of all the Simple Instagram Stories Poll Ideas, You’ll Want to Use, this is probably the most important yet underused Instagram polling question. When you have a lot of followers its important to check up on them.

Since the climate right now is tough during COVID you never know what your followers are going through. Taking the time to create a poll that seeks to check your followers’ mental health is a great way to connect. Social media was created to connect with people. I think we have forgotten this on Instagram to an extent because of how Social Media has evolved. The above question is excellent because it doesn’t necessarily pry.

You can ask.

  • Do you know the helpline numbers in your area?
  • Do you experience more good days or bad?

These type of questions can help you connect better with your audience in a stressful time. Usually, we’ve noticed brands create these type of polling questions around important awareness days which may be a great idea. For example on world mental health day.

8. Encourage social responsibility


Simple Instagram Stories Poll Ideas You’ll Want to Use

Times are changing. Brands coupled with businesses both large and small are encouraged to have a stance on certain issues.

These polls that push the certain agendas such as Global warming, elections or reform are great because its a way to connect with your audience as these are important causes that you both care about. Popsugar did it well here because they are pushing people who are minorities to vote and showing stats of the last election where more minorities voted. This is a great poll by Popsugar because they are aware of the current Black Lives Matter Movement and the need to reform by reinforcing the idea to get out and vote in 41 days time.

Final Thoughts

Instagram story polls are a great way to connect with your audience. When you connect your account grows.  Instagram story poll undoubtedly boosts your audience engagement. More and more people view stories rather than the feed. Hopefully, this gives you all the inspiration you need to start using Instagram Stories polls. I hope you liked our article on Simple Instagram Stories Poll Ideas You’ll Want to Use. What else would you add to the list?😊

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