How to Add Aesthetic Instagram Highlight Covers

Instagram Stories have become the most important feature of the app. Therefore, Instagram Highlight Covers are useful tools for businesses to preserve their best Stories. They are placed directly below the bio, and they form a visitor’s first impression as they always remain visible. You can save your Stories to special folders under your profile’s bio, which makes it easier to direct viewers to the Highlights you want them to see in order. In this way, you can present all your important information on your profile and help your viewers find what they’re looking for. Your audience will reach the previous Stories that are important to you. It enables you to share your content in more practical ways.

If you haven’t created one yet, you should start by pressing “+” button right below your bio and mark the Stories you need on your profile as Highlights.

Press “+” button and mark the Stories you need on your profile as Highlights.

Be careful to put the ones that are important and representative of your work because so many Stories can cause new viewers to lose interest. Also, what’s essential is creating your Highlights according to the content of the Stories. Classify your content into small groups that will keep it organized. Determine the titles well-matched to the content. For example, if you’re mentioning your goals, simply name the Highlight “Goals”. In addition, if your brand has a theme, you can apply related titles.

Make sure to post your Stories in the recommended size and resolution. Check out Instagram Story Dimensions.

What Are Instagram Highlight Covers?

Instagram Highlight Covers are images that are placed at the forefront of stored Stories on your profile. They represent a specific Highlight. The first image in Story Highlights is automatically set as the cover by Instagram, so it is better to manually add an image. When you don’t add any cover image, your Highlights look poor quality and messy as the images are probably not related to each other at all, which lowers the chance to attract viewers.

If you want to take the next step and design your profile to entice users to look at your Stories, using attractive cover images for your Highlights is exactly what you need. They are the best for the divided group of Stories to shape in order.  It ensures that your profile looks professional, organized and well-designed. Also, it may give your visitors some idea of what the Stories are about.


You can publish simple Highlight Covers by adding icons to suitable backgrounds just like Siemens and Zoom.

Also, you can add the images of your products to Highlight Covers exactly as Breitling does.


How to Add Aesthetic Instagram Highlight Covers

To add stunning Highlights, you can use templates. Canva is a great tool to find the ideal covers on its library.  Also, another option is to create your own design that fits your brand aesthetic.

While creating or choosing the covers, pay attention to the tips below:

  • The center of the cover images should contain what you need to present because Instagram automatically selects the center of the cover for the display.
  • Make sure you decorate your Instagram profile more stylish and impressive with these covers.
  • Determine your color palette.
  • Blend the cover images with your brand colors and fonts. Use theme if you have any.
  • Use descriptive simple keywords if you add texts to the covers.
  • Make them easy on the eyes.
  • Create a cohesive look on each individual cover as you divide your marked Stories into Highlights.

Using Instagram Highlight Covers Templates

  1. Go to Canva, and open a new Instagram Story design.
  2. Click on the Templates, and search for “Highlight Cover”. Check out Canva’s library.
  3. You can find any kind of template by filtering color or language and chose one you wish.
  4. After you’ve found your ideal covers, apply the pages to your blank design. You don’t have to use them just exactly the way they are. By clicking on, you can change the titles, colors, background, or icons to customize the template to your needs. It’s all up to you to edit the specific details of each element. You can switch up the colors and fonts in your brand’s color palette.


Creating Instagram Highlight Covers

When the images on Highlights don’t look appealing, it’s time to create your own. By using Canva, you have the opportunity to add a variety of elements on Highlight Covers. It provides anything to create an aesthetic cover.

For instance, let’s say your profile colors are in blue shades and you want covers related to sea or ocean! How will you design? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a new Instagram Story design.
  2. Click on “Elements” and find “Frames”.
  3. Press “Circle Frame” to add the circle element to shape your cover.
  4.  Shape the circle to create the exact size recommended by canva below. Adjust the size and align the position of the circle.
  5. It’s time to determine what kind of background you need for the cover. What would represent your Highlights better? Text the keywords related to the images you’re looking for to the search bar. Or, you can upload your images.
  6. When you find the right image for your cover, simply press the image and it will be added to your design. Now, drag it to the center of the circle frame so that image will be shaped circular.
  7. Add your text or chose sticker. Add the text by centering a descriptive word. It should make it clear to people what they can expect when they click on the Highlight. Or, if you want to add a sticker or an illustration, search on “Elements” and drag them to the circle.
  8. To create variety, swipe left to create a new page and copy the previous page. Try to make variations of the first page and create a cohesive look when they are viewed together. So, be sure to use the same kind of icons or texts. Pay attention to the color match. Just determine a theme and keep it. Download it when you’re done.

How to Publish Instagram Highlights Covers

Once you create your Highlight Covers, you can publish them on your profile. Follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the Highlights to edit them. Press on the ellipsis at the bottom of the screen and choose “Edit Highlight”.
  2. When you go to Highlights editor, press “Edit cover” button below your current cover image and chose your designed one. Make sure that you centered the circle in the right position by moving.
  3. Apply the same process to every Story Highlight on your profile. Plus, don’t forget to text the titles of Highlights.
  4. You can determine a phrase for your Highlight titles, too. Or, just name them with simple explanations.


In Conclusion

Instagram Highlights enable you to present the best content to your viewers. They offer a chance to make a good first impression. It is important to set them in an aesthetic way to attract followers, which is highly possible by adding ideal Highlight Covers.

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