How to Add Music to Instagram Story

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

Adding music is a fun way to make your Instagram Story more attractive. It allows you to share the music you like, and create a beautiful scene on your Story.

You can share a song with sound directly using Instagram Music Library. The music sticker that adds a more aesthetic and pleasant mood to the stories is very easy to find. Up to 15 seconds of a song can be used, and this can be any part of the song. With a simple adjustment, you can choose how many seconds of the song and which part of the song will play. Whether it is a photo or a video you are sharing, you can also add the lyrics of the song anywhere you want on the screen. However, keep in mind that when you add music to a video, its sound will be muted automatically.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Upload an image or a video

Click on + sign on the top right corner of your feed. Take a picture or a video, or simply pick one from your gallery.

  1. Press the sticker button

The sticker button is at the top of the screen. Tap on it to open the stickers.


  1. Tap on the music sticker icon

Tap on Music to open Instagram Music Library.


  1. Select your song

Type the name of the song you want in the search bar. Or, you can browse by mood, genre, or what’s popular. Listen to a preview by pressing the play button. Once you choose your music, tap on the track to add it to your story.


  1. Edit the song sticker

Firstly you should decide how you want the music to visually appear on your Story. You can add either the lyrics or the icon of the song that shows title and artist name. Press the music sticker to change it into lyrics or another icon. If you want to edit color, use the color wheel at the top center of the screen and shape as you wish.

You can edit the length of the track up to 15 seconds. Also, you can fast forward or rewind the song.

If you want the music icon to disappear from your story, drag the sticker off the screen so that there will be only the sound. You can add text, stickers, and other effects to your story.


Adding Songs That Are Not In Instagram Music

We can’t add a new song that doesn’t exist on Instagram Library. So, how will you share songs that are not in Library? You can add a song to your Story directly from Spotify. It will display the cover art, song title, and the artist. Anyone viewing your Story can hit “Play on Spotify” to hear the whole track.

To share a song from Spotify, follow the steps:

1.Go to the song you want to share.

2. Press the three horizontal dots at the top-right.


3. Scroll down and tap on Share.


4. Select Instagram and it will be added to your story.

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