7 Ways to Get Authentic Instagram Followers in 2024

Instagram is a world-renowned social media platform with more than 1 billion population engaging with each other. More than 500 million people use it daily to explore more about what is going around the world. Instagram is not just only a platform for entertainment now, people are using it to showcase their talent, skills, and art and through this huge app, more and more audience has started recognizing that.

But to first people aware of your presence on Instagram you have to have authentic followers who appreciate your profile.

Following are the 7 ways to get authentic Instagram followers in 2021:

1. Take part in the trending discussions

The best to get recognized by an authentic audience is to take potential parts in the viral and important conversations going around. Get noticed by people by trying to reach out on hot topics and offering your point of view in a discussion.

2. Hashtags

Hashtags are the trendiest modification in the history of Instagram. People love to use it in their posts more than once and people pay attention to the hashtags which are unique and interesting. So, spread out a fun hashtag around your Instagram, it will let you gain a good number of real followers.

3. Profile Optimization

SEO optimization is the best way to make yourself stand out in the crowd. So, to get authentic followers on Instagram, you should fully optimize your profile by using similar keywords in your profile name and bio, by having a common and simple Instagram profile name. So, that more people will reach you.

4. More Engagement with Brands

Brand advertisements on Instagram is a very promising social strategy that increases both the brand and influencer that is promoting it to get more popular. It leads a way to get more followers. More engagement means more people can see your content which is a great plus point.

5. Posting Frequently

Being active is also a way to gain a good number of followers, because when you upload frequently the Instagram app algorithm results in showing your profile again and again to people and making it pop-up during stories. So, post frequently to promote your content.

6. Create Authentic Content

The audience which follows you on Instagram is doing so you enjoy the content you are posting and the fact that how it is helping them in their lives. So, share good quality content with great photography and editing of your photos and videos also describe your content briefly in your captions but not much longer so that people don’t get bored of it. Another important thing is that choose that type of content that makes your audience happy and shows that you prefer your audience’s liking and disliking.

7. More Sharing

Share your profile as much as you can. You can do so by sharing its link on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to get a more diverse audience.

There you have it! 7 way’s to gain authentic followers using proven techniques in 2021. Let us know your tips in the comments.

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