Amazing Photo Editing Apps For Social Media

Social Media presence and attention are at an all-time high. You need to, therefore, create a great visual strategy and this is where the need for an amazing photo editor comes to play. There are a lot of photo editors out there and it can be a struggle to choose a couple that stand out for you. To help, we’re sharing the photo editing apps that we rotate at Heropost and also what our clients use to transform their social media marketing strategies. This article will highlight amazing photo editing apps for social media in 2020.

Top Editing Apps

VSCO (iOS & Android)

This is a great tool for taking and editing photos. This photo-editing platform will help you tackle the visual side of your marketing approach. VSCO has an in-depth editing suite and a plethora of high-quality default filters that can take your smartphone photos to a pro-level this is important because Instagram is a visual platform. There’s also a huge library of filters available on the premium plan. Like Instagram, VSCO combines a camera, editing tools, and an online community. It’s an amazing go-to app.

Best free VSCO filters

  • C1
  • F2
  • M5
  • G3
  • B1

Best VSCO filters different for occasions

We really like Girl style Blogs examples.

For A Roadtrip

Preset: E8, +8
Exposure: +1
Contrast: +2
Shadows: +4
Highlights: +6
Temperature: -1
Saturation: +1.5
Sharpen: +2
Shadow Tint (Green): +12

For Café Enthusiats

Preset: S2, +12
Exposure: +1.5
Temperature: -1.3
Sharpen: +6

For The Minimalists

Preset: A6
Sharpen: +2
Exposure: -2
Temperature: -1

For The Random Photoshoots

Preset: E6, +9
Shadow: +2
Highlight: +4
Skin Tone: +3
Sharpen: +1.5
Grain: +2

For The Foodies

Preset: E8, +7
Fade: +3
Shadow: +5
Sharpen: +3

Try out VSCO today to level up your social media.

SNAPSEED (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows) it’s 100% free!

Snapseed is another photo-editing app that gives you the option to fine-tune your photos. This is probably VSCOs challenger. We also like this app. At Heropost we are split between VSCO and SNAPSEED because the functionality of both these tools is amazing. They are great tools. Snapseed lets you apply effects with a brush so you can perfect the details of each photo.  The app’s “Healing” tool is one of the best ways to quickly hide unwanted items or blemishes.

Our clients stated that “ SNAPSEED lets you save groups of filters as a template. These Stacks can then be applied to future photos, giving your entire feed a consistent look and saving you time.”


Prisma is basically an App that turns your photos into drawings or paintings. Some people hate them some people like them but it gives you a different feel in your social media feeds. Prisma gives you effects that are easy to use and understand.

Check out its effects on the photo below.


Filter, texture and create amazing photos with this app. It is a very versatile app with all the bells and whistles. Furthermore, it seems to keep up with the needs of the Instagram community when it comes to photos.









Check out the Instagram Carousel post above featuring Afterlights textures. Check out these app guys you won’t be disappointed.

Afterlight has over 130 high-quality filters created by photographers making your posts more professional looking. Furthermore, it has over 60 high res Textures made with real 35mm and way more features! We recommend taking a look at this one.


Prequel boasts a lot of features that enable you to have a fun and smooth feed. It has free filter packs that you can try out.

Check out the dream effect below.

Major…..major downside is that there is no Android version, just take a look at their Instagram page…all you see are people screaming out for the Android version. This tells you one vital thing, that it is a very good app. However the team at Prequel have stated that the Android version is coming soon and this is a good sign.

A COLOUR STORY  (iOS, Android)

We love acolorstory . Our Influencer clients rave about this app. It has a huge number of beautiful filters that you can add to your photo. Its bright filters are pristine. This app is great because when you alternate your posts and when you use this filter, your post pops out immediately.

Check out this picture showing its visual effects.

Amazing Photo Editing Apps For Social Media


Amazing Photo Editing Apps For Social Media

Try it out today. You will have such a great contrasting feed. We also recommend using our Heropost Carousel feature to showcase these effects.

Enlight Photofox (iOS)

Enlight Photofox is one the best editors out there. It won an Apple Design Award in 2017. It has many features like photoshop and it allows crazy creativity to take place. You can blend photos together and mesh filters to your needs.

Check out what this app can do below.

Amazing Photo Editing Apps For Social MediaAmazing Photo Editing Apps For Social Media










The app adds cartoonish embellishments and facial feature distortion reminiscent of Japanese anime to selfies. Meitu app is packed with dozens of dramatic photo filters, including on-trend film slides and realistic polaroids. A “Magic Brush” that’s great for adding sparkles to specific parts of a photo is offered too.

Check out the features of this app below.

Amazing Photo Editing Apps For Social MediaAmazing Photo Editing Apps For Social Media


Pics Art is very easy to use and we really like their Instagram page because they fill us in on how to use their effects.

For example, check out their Instagram video on editing.


This is for that professional touch. It also works with RAW files which is a high-quality image format popular among photographers. We got the tip from one of our Photographer clients that this app is key because it is free works wonders when you’re on the go. What we love about this app is that Adobe made sure it was free.

Adobe states that ” Should you decide to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll also get access to additional features. These include selective editing and Adobe Sensei an AI system that auto-tags your images based on their content, allowing you to find your images.”

Check out this video that illustrates why Adobe Lightroom is key.

The above are just some examples of some The Amazing Photo Editing Apps For Social Media that we like and what our clients stated they use on a daily basis. It’s important to note that there are loads of apps that edit, you just have to find one that you love and can afford. Choose one that enables your feed to make sense. It must mesh well with your brand and your objectives. An app that you can use on the go is also impressive and key because you may have those moments of inspiration or you’ve just seen an amazing photogenic object that you want to show to your followers immediately.

Think about it carefully and research these apps to find that important one.

Lastly, with Heropost, you can post Carousels and Stories. Heropost allows you to post consistently and smartly. You also have the first comment feature to put all your hashtags in to avoid cluttering your caption space. Furthermore, we are on 11 different platforms and you can manage this from one dashboard.

Thank you for reading this blog on Amazing Photo Editing Apps For Social Media. We hope you pick one from this list or experiment with these apps to make your feed pop.




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