Amazing Tools For Remote Work in 2024

Remote working has been on the rise for some time now because of new tech coupled with employee needs. These employee needs namely being the freedom to set your own working schedule, home comforts, less stress and family time. In this article, we will highlight amazing tools for remote work in 2020. These tools have made Heropost better and increase our productivity. These are the tools that we use and with the Corona Virus  (covid19) halting economies and isolation being enforced these tools will 100% help you navigate these uncertain times.

In a nutshell, we will focus on amazing tools for remote work in 2020 that help in:

Communication Tools

Video Call Tools

Project management Tools

File-Sharing Tools

Social Media Scheduler Tools

Note Taking Tools

Accountability and Reporting Tools

Time Management Tools


This is the main ingredient of a successful remote team. You need to over-communicate to make sure everyone is on the right track. These are the tools we here at Heropost use to communicate.


Slack is great because it helps to communicate in a way that easy and fast. It is amazing because it combines text, audio, and video chat. The features of this app are amazing as it allows teammates to share ideas and strategies in real-time.

Importantly Slack has a user-friendly feature that we at Heropost like to use. That feature is the searchable history feature that allows users to easily find past chats. This is great because you can always refer back to the chat in less time. It is a must-have tool for remote teams

Video Calls

You need to also see your co-workers from time to time. It is always nice to see your co-workers from time to time, therefore, video calls are essential.


At heropost we love Zoom. It is easy to use. As we’re a young start-up it is the go-to as its the most affordable. You can record any call with full-length videos and share your screen with teams for combined discussions.  It is an easy way to hold remote meetings and our remote teams rave about it.

This awesome remote working tool also comes with features such as:

  • Fullscreen and gallery view
  • Join as view the only attendee
  • Annotation and co-annotation functionality
  • Instant or scheduled meeting setups
  • Built-in security measures such as password protection
  • Toll-free options in 60+ countries for joining meetings

Project Management

A good remote team needs project management software. You can organize documents, tasks and other pressing matters to ensure optimal efficiency. The project management tools you may use are.


Trello is a great project management tool. It is easy to use and it’s got a great mobile app on top of that. It visually maps out what you and your team are working on therefore ensuring efficiency.

For example when we work on blogs. A blog creation process is added to our overall board. List or Cards are then created. The first List is named “Ideas,” the second “Writing,” the third “Editing,” and the fourth “Published.” This is a simple example that most companies use.



ProofHub comes with plenty of features such as online proofing, discussions, chats and remote project management only at a central place. The beauty of ProofHub is that, being an all-in-one remote project management software it allows your remote team to up to date, fast and efficient.

Heropost Observations:

The Benefits of using  cloud-based project management software as stated by Vartika Kashyap for your business are;

  • Easy access
  • Easy to get started with
  • Highly cost-effective                                                                                                                                                          
  • Improved collaboration and productivity                                                                                                                          
  • No additional installations and hardware
  • Low maintenance technology
  • Reliable and secure
  • Free monthly trials
  • Allows web-based integrations
  • Support for remote teams
  • Super time saver

These features are impressive and you should consider Proofhub as your cloud-based project management software partner.

File Sharing

File sharing for remote teams is inevitable. It is an ingredient that you can not do without. These are the tools we use at Heropost.

G Suite

G Suite is Google’s suite of business tools that includes

  • There is Google Docs, a cloud-based Microsoft Word alternative
  • Google Sheets, a cloud-based Microsoft Excel alternative
  • Google Slides, a cloud-based Microsoft Powerpoint alternative
  • We especially love Google Drive, a cloud storage app.

This tool is widely used and accessible.

Social Media Scheduler

If you’re a business or an individual you need social media presence. We recommend you try out Heropost, (thank you for checking us out. We really appreciate it)


You can manage and automate multiple social media accounts, schedule unlimited posts, engage with your chosen audience, track and analyze performance with in-depth reports. It is a Powerful scheduler that saves you tons of time and its cheaper than most schedulers.

Our features include:

  • First Comment to Post
  • Geolocation
  • User-Generated Content
  • Unlimited scheduling for weeks and months ahead
  • Schedule Content to Facebook, Google Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, VK, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and Youtube!
  • Free Biolinks tool

We’re always ready to help and set up your accounts and this is why we’re a top Scheduler.


Making notes is critical for your content because it allows you to simply jot down important ideas anywhere. Importantly even when you are videoconferencing this is key.


Evernote is a great note-taking solution for teammates working remotely. The impressive thing is that you can keep all your notes organized and sync them automatically across all your devices. This is a feature we love because it is easy and critical to have.

Accountability and Reporting 

Everyone needs guidance and an assigned task to do. Remote workers need this tool because it allows them to feel like they are part of the team even if they are miles away.


The beauty of this tool is endless. We love it because team members can check in daily, either via their browser or email.  It allows teams to check off what they have accomplished for the day. Also, the entire team gets to see what everyone else is up to so that everyone is on the same page at all times. This, at Heropost, is so essential because it boosts accountability and productivity on all fronts even if we are in different time zones.

Time Management

Time is always essential for remote teams because we are split up in different time zones but we all have to submit by a certain time. For example, as we are in San Francisco, we tell our remote teams in Europe to submit as per San Francisco time. Below is a tool we would use.

Time Doctor

It helps to keep track of how each person is keeping track of their time. It importantly makes employees accountable for their working hours. This is very crucial for a global remote working team.

Time Apps that we also like

Every Time Zone

You need to know who’s awake and who’s asleep especially when your team is almost every timezone.

This app lets tool lets you check out the time zones of fellow remote employees and see who is awake and available to talk.  A point that’s very important to highlight is Lindsay Liedke post;

” This might seem insignificant, there will be times when you need to get ahold of someone right away. If that person is 12 hours ahead of you, and fast asleep, you can easily redirect your efforts to someone else closer to your time zone and discuss the issue with them instead.”

This comment is so relatable because we do this when there is a major crisis.

Simply put this app tells you where each person on your remote team is. At a glance with, you can always see, where your colleagues are and the local time in that city. With this knowledge, you can easily plan with your team.

We hope that this article on amazing tools for remote work in 2020 helped in your search for reliable and important tech, especially in these times. Please stay safe during this time of the Corona Virus Pandemic.


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