Instagram Tools to Help You Grow Your Following

Instagram Tools to Help You Grow Your Following is an important topic to discuss so much so, that we recently asked our clients’ who are social media managers and influencers an important question. What tools do they use to produce fresh content on social media?

This is the list they gave us and why:

These are the Instagram Tools to Help You Grow Your Following

Instagram management tools

To grow your audience and give your current fans a reason to stick around, you need to be updating your Instagram with fresh content regularly. Constantly updating your profile with new photos takes a lot of time and most social media managers and busy influencers are already short on time. We at Heropost have created a great platform to give you the resources you need to schedule your posts in advance and keep your profile well-stocked with great content.


Scheduling or automating Instagram posts in advance is key. Not only does it help you save time, but it ensures that your profile is well-curated and consistent. With Heropost you can schedule your content on all social media platforms which is great. The fact that you can also schedule videos and stories is another factor that makes Heropost stand out.

You need to be constant when you post and  Heropost does this for you. As a social media manager, you can get overwhelmed with deadlines and content Heropost will help you from burning out.

Sign up with Heropost Heropost to write better captions, save time, automate post, schedule posts, post at your best times, track your analytics, and more.

Instagram analytics tools

You need to know whether or not your efforts are helping you reach your goals. Keeping track of your analytics is important because you will know if your marketing strategy is on point or does it need a surgical overhaul.


Heropost analytics is an Instagram tools to help you grow your following. That has been developed especially for our Social Media clients and influencers. You learn more about how your posts are performing and discover what types of content get the most engagement. We love digging deep into the performance of your content on Instagram. Our analytic tool helps you identify your most influential fans meaning you’ll be able to discover new opportunities for influencer marketing and outreach. Lastly, our clients love that you can compare your performance against your competitors, therefore, helping you get a better idea of where you are in the market.

Instagram video/stories apps

Instagram Stories can also be an amazing tool to get more followers. More people actually just tune into stories more. You have to create captivating videos for your followers to keep them engaged.   

  1. Life Lapse (iOS, Android)

Boomerang for Instagram is great but if you want richer content use Life Lapse. You can create longer, stop-motion videos with life lapse. Life Lapse is free with in-app purchases and its an Instagram tools to help you grow your Following steadily.

Below is a great tutorial on life lapse


  1. CANVA (iOS and Android)

Canva is an amazing tool. At Heropost we simply love Canva. Our clients constantly rave about it. Canva has created many amazing Instagram stories templates that you can customize. You don’t need design skills and its easy to use. Canva also allows you to share the image directly from their website to Facebook and Twitter. The best part of all is that they have an option for custom images and we all crave for bespoke branded images.

Our Social media managers stated that “we may not always be at a desk so we use Canvas iOS app to design on the go.” Below is a Canva tutorial that we love here at Heropost. 

  1. Storeo ( iOS)

Storeo is an amazing app. It helps you to upload any image from your camera roll and edit it for Instagram Stories. You can also .convert any video you capture then the resulting video can be cut into 15-second snippets that can be updated in the correct order to Instagram Stories. This allows you to create a seamless video experience for videos longer than 15 seconds.

  1. Pixelgarde (web & iOS)

Pixelgarde is a free app that lets you add, remove or change geotags, dates, times of day, and other metadata in your photos and videos. By doing this you can post a photo or video to your Instagram Stories that is older than 24 hours. All you are doing is selecting the photo or video that you want to post, and then tapping “Edit” and then “Changing the Date and Time.”  Lastly, you change the photo or video’s date to the current date and click “Done.” It’s a great way to recycle content that you love. 

Our social media managers state that when you post great content and the Heropost analytics state that your post has high engagement you may want to recycle that content again this app does this well.

Tools Better Quality Photos

Every person understands that an effective Instagram presence occurs by having stunning visuals in your feed. The cornerstone for a popping Instagram is better quality photos. These are the apps our people use at Heropost.

  1. VSCO (iOS & Android)

This is a great tool for taking and editing photos. This photo-editing platform will help you tackle the visual side of your marketing approach. VSCO has an in-depth editing suite and a plethora of high-quality default filters that can take your smartphone photos to a pro-level this is important because Instagram is a visual platform. There’s also a huge library of filters available on the premium plan

  1. SNAPSEED (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

Snapseed is another photo-editing app that gives you the option to fine-tune your photos. This is probably VSCOs challenger. We also like this app. At Heropost we are split between VSCO and SNAPSEED because the functionality of both these tools is amazing. They are great tools. Snapseed lets you apply effects with a brush so you can perfect the details of each photo.

Our clients stated that “ SNAPSEED lets you save groups of filters as a template. These Stacks can then be applied to future photos, giving your entire feed a consistent look and saving you time.” 

Below is a great tutorial on SNAPSEED.

  1. Over (iOS and Android)

Over is a great app that lets you apply overlayed text and graphics onto your photos. It’s one of the most complete in terms of fonts, images and graphics app. It’s also super easy to use. You can never be stuck for ideas again because they have premium templates, as well as tips, tricks and design hacks to help you stand out from the crowd.

Hashtags Tools Your Posts

Hashtags grow your Instagram because they can reach more users. Our articles on tips to beat the algorithm and hashtags grow your Instagram cover how important hashtags are.

  1. AutoHash (Android)

This great app generates a list of hashtags based on the uploaded image. This is key for your Instagram because you must know now that hashtags grow your Instagram.

AutoHash analyzes the image and based on its composition you’ll get a list of related hashtags and tags based on your location. It’s an amazing app because it does the hashtag search for you. Please use it and remember you can track the number of followers gained from hashtags via Heropost Analytics. Get stuck in people !!!!!!

Tools for Infographics

These tools are great if you’re in the business of educating your followers. We recommend VISME.

11. Visme 

This is a useful tool for making infographics and presentations with thousands of templates to choose from. You need to understand that 65% of the population are visual learners and this app helps you to create visual content, share it and also download beautiful visuals. 

Tools that Display Your Instagram Posts on Your Website

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, displaying your Instagram posts on your website is an amazing hack. 

12. Feed Them Social

Is a tool that allows you to create and display amazing looking social feeds on your website, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Feed Them Social is a WordPress plugin. What it does is it adds constantly updated social content to your website. This is a great way to keep your visitors updated and get them interacting with your social profiles.

Tools that  Send Instagram Users to Your Website

This is one of the more important ones. If you are using Instagram to make e-commerce sales or you just want to showcase to your followers that you have a website you need these tools. 


Biolinks is Heropost’s very own iteration of a Linktree alternative. What it does is it provides the user with the opportunity to have multiple destinations in their social media accounts links in bio. A real-world example of its usefulness comes to play when a user needs to do more with the single link they are allowed to share on their profile on Instagram, which is currently under where the profile bio text goes.

Normally Instagram users would only be able to share a single link to send profile visitors to a single destination, but now with Biolinks users are able to use a single link to lead their profile visitors to a page that channels them to the links they would be most interested in. For example, an e-commerce page on Instagram would have a Biolink that leads users to a page that displays links to multiple categories in their store. The use cases are endless because ideally, it is about directing and funnelling traffic to where it is most interested in going.

Funnelling people to where they want to really go by providing multiple options through links on a single “middle man”  page. To learn more about the amazing things biolinks is capable of sign up for a free account!


Why do you need to find your best time to post on Instagram? You need to because that is where you can engage with your followers more meaning the Instagram’s algorithm will sync you in better, in your users feeds and in the explore page. Tour reach will grow.

We know of Instagrams Insights tool but we at Heropost believe you should use Instagrams Tool in conjunction with the Heroposts Tool. 


Our clients love this feature especially when they use it in conjunction with Instagrams. Heroposts tool makes it easy to find out when you should schedule your Instagram posts for maximum engagement. The tool uses all your historical data coupled with behaviours on the app to show you your most effective time.

The above are just some of the Instagram tools to help you grow your following which our clients use however there are loads more apps that you can always check out as people’s preferences differ. Apps are always getting developed so keep an eye out for new ones that may help. We here at Heropost, however, hope that you will use these Instagram tools to help you grow your following.


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