What is Spintax and How to Use It on Heropost

You may have noticed that when you put an identical comment on many photos on Instagram or send one similar Direct Message to many users, Instagram considers it as spamming and as a result, it blocks the aforementioned action for a few hours or days. While using. In order to prevent getting those actions blocked and also prevent them to look like Spam, Heropost has made it possible for users to utilize the Spintax format in order to generate numerous unique Captions, Comments and Direct Messages.

Spintax, which is abbreviated for Spin Syntax, is a list of text phrases, sentences and synonyms separated by the pipe character (|). Each group of keywords is enclosed inside curly brackets ({}). The Spintax parser picks a random keyword or sentence from the available choices and generates unique sentences for each iteration.

Let’s clarify it with some examples:

1. Spintax Input

{Hey|Hi|Hey There}


– Hey
– Hi
– Hey There

2. Spintax Input

{Awesome|Great|Amazing} photo


– Awesome photo
– Great photo
– Amazing photo

There are no limits on the number of Spintax parts that you use in the comment. In addition, you can use the Nested Spintax format. Nested Spintax refers to two or more levels of spinning.

For example:

Nested Spintax

That’s a very {interesting|intriguing} {perspective|article|painting}

– That’s a very interesting perspective
– That’s a very interesting article
– That’s a very interesting painting
– That’s a very intriguing perspective
– That’s a very intriguing article
– That’s a very intriguing painting

The more Spintax parts you use on your sentence, the more unique variations it will generate.

Use this technique to define the Captions, Comments or Direct Messages on Heropost.

The beauty about this is you only need to do this once, until your satisfied with the various iterations you have for different use cases and post ideas.

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